Chubby Gorilla® Redefines the Industry Again

1st November 2017

Santa Fe Springs, CA: Building on the legendary success of the Unicorn Bottle® launched in 2014, Chubby Gorilla® introduces Unicorn Bottle® V3 which has become the world’s number one bottling solution in the E-Cig market.  Chubby Gorilla’s first generation of famous Unicorn Bottles® created a name for themselves in the market as a trusted container of high-quality plastic bottles for storage and transport of e-liquids, oils and gels. Now the 3rd generation of Unicorn Bottles® builds upon the needs for customers to drip and refill on the go without mess or complications:

All-in one SmartCap

The all-in-one SmartCap systematically performs various tasks with a motion turn action.

HoverGLIDE rotational suspension cap

Effortlessly set the cap in motion and seal your bottle with the redesigned and ultra-smooth turning Unicorn Bottle® cap that now features a spring suspension that automatically retraces the cap when it is pushed down giving it a levitating feel and a frictionless surface that allows it to easily glide when it turns to give you that aerodynamic smooth sensation.

Compliant child resistant cap

Certified, reliable, and consistent, the newly designed CRC prevents children from intentionally opening a Chubby Gorilla® Unicorn Bottle® while allowing for an adult to seamlessly unlock the child resistant cap.

Redesigned securely fastened tamper evident band

The all new re-designed smooth tamper evident band features a band that now remains latched on to the neck of the bottle preventing it from slipping off.

Strategically designed removable nozzle

Re-engineered removable dispensing nozzle securely remains plugged in the bottle when applying pressure while dispensing liquids and is designed to conveniently be removed using the bottom edge of the Unicorn Bottle® cap.

“We recognize and focus on the needs of our customers to have the best experience with our products. That means providing a highly durable bottle that always delivers the precise control needed to dispense liquids every time and complies with industry regulations to keep our customers safe.” Remarks Abraham A, Chubby Gorilla’s President. “The Unicorn Bottles® come in 7 color variations, and we offer services for creating custom colors and designs to match the brand identities for our clients.”

Chubby Gorilla® follows the strictest of guidelines and regulations when creating any new product:

•Child Resistant

•BPA free

Chubby Gorilla’s famous Unicorn Bottles® always feature the following:

•Pre-inserted easy removable nozzle

•Refined narrow drip tip with easy-flow, and spill-free dispensing

•Soft squeeze PET bottle

•Inner leak-blocker plug

•Ease-Squeeze construction for consistent and natural flow rate

•Pressure sealed tested for maximum durability

•Embossed with proprietary, signature Gorilla logs as a stamp of absolute quality
 and authenticity

•Designed & engineered in California USA

About Chubby Gorilla: Chubby Gorilla® is the world leader and industry standard for bottle manufacturing in E-Cig market. Founded upon a pretty simple idea: make products that people love using, we approach the market with one mission “Engineered for a purpose, designed for a purpose®”. Our product engineers ensure every product meets or exceeds both customer expectations and regulations world-wide.